4D Scans in Pregnancy

3d 4d pregnancy scan We aim to deliver an expert prenatal diagnostic service for our patients. Therefore, unlike other 4D Baby clinics, we always check the health and growth of your baby and you get a report on this.

Depending on the package that you choose, the appointment will either be 25 or 45 minutes long.
You will also get lots of colour photos and lots of black and white photos .
This is a very personal service and we aim to please all our patients.

4D Scans are really 3D Scans taken over time. When the 3D Scans are viewed together rapidly in real-time, they create dramatic life-like views of your baby moving inside you.

  • 4D scans are available during your pregnancy and are an extension of your routine 2D scan.
  • Around 12 weeks into the pregnancy you can see your whole baby.
  • Baby’s face can be seen best between 22 to 30 weeks.
  • A good picture can usually be obtained but this may take some time.
  • Pictures and DVD are available.
4d HD scan

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HD Live

HD live is a rendering method generating amazingly realistic images of the baby from ultrasound data. Through the use of an advanced illumination model. HD live supports shadows, a virtual light source and advanced skin rendering techniques.

Quality of images obtained:

The quality of images obtained using 3D/4D or HD Live is dependent  on how the baby is lying and how much fluid is around the face.

2D ultrasound uses a very thin slice of an ultrasound beam and can usually show any part of the baby however it is lying and is used for diagnosing abnormalities.

3D/4D and HD Live use a volume of the ultrasound beam and therefore the picture you obtain is just like taking a photograph.