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Diagnostic Ultrasound

Director: Sally Hill MSc


Diagnostic Ultrasound Services have state of the art ultrasound equipment providing patients and referring doctors with a comprehensive range of ultrasound scans. Our sonographers and radiologists are highly qualified.


Ultrasound is a painless test involving the use of sound waves. Ultrasound scanners use high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the inside of the body. Ultrasounds are used to look for changes in tissue in organs. There are no harmful effects.


  • Examining the kidney, bladder and prostate gland to identify abnormalities
  • Diagnosing tumours, gallstones and cysts in organs such as the liver and pancreas
  • Diagnosing muscle and tendon tears in musculo-skeletal conditions.
  • Visualising the uterus and ovaries to check for ovarian cysts/fibroids/endometriosis/tumours and polycystic ovaries.
  • Used very commonly in pregnancy to see if the baby has developed normally and whether it is growing well.


You will be shown to the ultrasound room and asked to lie on the ultrasound couch on your back while the scans are performed. A clear lubricating jelly is applied to the area being imaged to help the transducer make secure contact with the body. This eliminates air pockets between the transducer and the skin resulting in clearer images. The sonographer then gently presses the transducer firmly against the skin and sweeps it over the area of interest until the desired images are captured. A pelvic scan to see the uterus and ovaries is better seen using a trans-vaginal probe although we can do a tummy scan if necessary.

The ultrasound probe directs a stream of high frequency sound waves in to the body. The sound waves are reflected off the internal organs and structures in the body. The reflected ultrasound waves are detected by the transducer and used to create an image of the organs and structures. Ultrasound is captured in real time and is constantly updating so that you can see movement, such as the valves of a heart opening and closing.

Ultrasound is painless and will take typically between 10 – 25 minutes. A written report is available immediately after your scan and this will be sent to your GP or referring doctor.


  • Painless and non-invasive
  • Can visualise movement and function and therefore can examine blood vessels and blood flow to different organs
  • Does not use x-rays or any other type of ionising radiation to produce an image
  • Gives a clear image of soft tissues that may not show up well on x-rays
  • Causes no health problems and may be repeated as often as necessary


There may be special preparation required for an ultrasound depending on the area of the body being imaged. You may need to fast for a few hours before certain ultrasounds, or required to have a full bladder.

You will be given any specific instructions when you book your appointment.



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Corona Virus Update

We are continuing to provide ultrasound services throughout this difficult time.

We have stringent infection control measures in place.

None of our staff will be at work if they have symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms of Corona Virus.

Measures are being taken to ensure that pregnant women and their partners are not in close contact with other patients.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Services has 6 clinics in

We offer a comprehensive range of Ultrasound Scans including Early pregnancy scansDating And Viability ScansNuchal ScansGender ScansCombined TestDoppler Scans (up to 20 weeks) , Private Pregnancy Ultrasound, for SurreyKentEast Sussex and West Sussex.

The fees for pregnancy scans range between £100 – £200. We prefer to discuss your needs in order to determine what is most appropriate for your you. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you.

We also offer:
Pelvic Scans and pre-IVF / Follicle Tracking scans

“I wanted to thank you enormously for your help and kindness last Friday. After weeks of upset, uncertainty and very little support from the NHS I finally could rely on you to help me and I don’t know how to thank you enough. I successfully had the operation on Saturday and Christopher was superb in all respects. Finally I can put the the last six weeks behind me and move on which is all thanks to you. I am now on holiday and enjoying some much needed R and R!”