Pregnancy Scans Sevenoaks: Diagnostic Ultrasound Services offers a complete range of ultrasound scanning for Sevenoaks patients throughout pregnancy. We offer a consultant-led specialist scanning service for women who live in the Sevenoaks area. Many women from Sevenoaks would like to have their first pregnancy scan before the routine one offered on the NHS and a dating scan can be very useful in planning your future scans and pregnancy care.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scans Sevenoaks

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan Sevenoaks

The clinic is also able to provide on the spot counselling. If a scan shows an increased risk of Downs, we can refer you for a Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) test which can be carried out by an expert, or you may choose to have the Harmony blood test, which we can perform.

Women in Sevenoaks can book appointments for the following:

Early Pregnancy Scan Sevenoaks

Nuchal Scan Sevenoaks

Gender Scan Sevenoaks

Anomaly Scan Sevenoaks

Wellbeing Scan Sevenoaks

3d/4d Scan Sevenoaks

Doppler Ultrasound Sevenoaks

Cervical Scan Sevenoaks

Chorion Villus Sampling Sevenoaks

Amniocentesis Sevenoaks

Harmony Blood Test Sevenoaks

Gynaecological / Pelvic Scan Sevenoaks

Follicle Tracking Scan Sevenoaks